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A Purposeful Journey Review

By: Darlene Ramirez

Sumbitted- May 19th, 2020

This book is a self-published first edition vulnerable look of one woman’s experience of finding herself and her truth. Her personal struggles are simply stated but enough to draw you in and reflect on your own journey. While you process your own growth you have tools within the book that allow you to journal, recite daily affirmations provided for you, and even color. I found this book to be more of a tool that you pick up and use from time to time. Having received it at the beginning stages of quarantine I was able to rely on its Godly references and affirmations as a personal supporter in times of change. Unique and innocent it’s not a book to lend but a powerful spark to finding purpose in similar struggles and projecting you to move forward in the gentlest of ways. This book reminds me of a tender and merciful friend holding my hand as we walk through the garden of her life. She shows you what she has planted but reminds you of your own green thumb.  

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