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Courtney Johnson

Courtney Johnson is a native of Orangeburg, South Carolina. She attended and attained her education through the Orangeburg public school system. Courtney graduated with a bachelor's degree in the areas of Sociology, South Carolina State University, where she was determined to understand people and how they respond to their environments. Courtney then went on to attain her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2017 from South University Columbia Campus, where she gained much experience in the thought processes of people. During all of these things, experience has been her best and greatest teacher. After struggling with trying to find her place in the professional world as a counselor, Courtney decided to step into entrepreneurship. Courtney took the necessary steps, training in which she became certified as a transformation life coach through the PowerHub under the direction of Apostle Joshua J. Johnson.

Courtney became the owner of RICH,LLC- Royally Impacting Clients Holistically Coaching Services in 2019. Courtney believed that women, 35-47 of age, needed more resources, tips and tools that would provide guidance in the areas of mindset, belief systems, routine habits, work/life balance and most importantly emotional wellbeing.

Courtney is a single mom of 3 daughters and she believes that women could definitely benefit from having someone willing to support and guide them towards living a better life. Courtney have accomplished many different things in her life, one of her most recent accomplishments is being crowned Miss US Plus World South Carolina 2021 queen. This opportunity allowed Courtney to see herself flowing in the divine confidence of being able to overcome what she had to endure.


Since starting RICH,LLC, Courtney has written and published two books that speaks on the journey of being able to endure the struggles in order to reach transformation, 'A Purposeful Journey: The Process of Enduring While Moving Towards a Meaningful Purpose & 'A Purposeful Journey Continues The Butterfly Experience. Courtney understands that life will happen and without the right mindset, belief and tools you can become stuck, unproductive and unfulfilled in achieving goals. Her vision is for women to get to a place in their lives where they able to embrace growth, become proactive in her decision making, and to endure & thrive while living at the highest version of herself.


Becoming First Miss US Plus World South Carolina

"The night before the pageant I was made aware that one of my best female friends passed away. I was in shock and didn't want to go forth. Depression sat in and I just knew I wouldn't be able to show up at my very best. Once getting to the venue the following morning, I was reminded by my fellow pageant sisters that I was created to walk these types of moments out. I had to ENDURE what I was feeling each time I went out on that stage; and while back stage I allowed myself to feel what I felt. I had to show them that I was resilient and that I really believed in what I was doing..... I endure so that I could thrive and tell my story of how I overcame."

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1195 Saint Matthews Rd 322 Orangeburg, SC 29115


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