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🦋 About RICH LLC 🦋

🦋Life of An Overcomer

"All my life I had to FIGHT! I had to fight my thoughts, I had to fight my anixety, I had to fight my depression, and even those who I thought loved me. I am not afraid to fight, I am strong enough to fight."--- Courtney J.


I am Courtney J, and I am a true overcomer of depression, anixety, limiting beliefs, thoughts and habits. As well as phyical, emotional and sexual trauma from my childhood.

 These struggles not only left me depleated in my mind, but as I matured, it effected my personal and professional life. I made the realization that I needed to fall back in love with who I was destined to be, the person God said I was to become on this side of earth. 

I am a single mom of 3 daughters. I hold a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling. As well as certification in transformation life coaching.

I am a 2X published author, set to release my 3rd book in the 1st quarter of 2022, 

an empowerment speaker, podcast host, and mentor to young girls ages 5-17 through my own non profit OUR Q.U.E.E.N.S Mentoring Group established 2015


In 2017, I decided to take myself on a journey that would have eventually opened my eyes and mind to seeing myself in a new light. The transformation process was my way of getting back to my true idenity, chaning the way I saw my life, and the perspective of how I viewed it moving forwrd. The transformation that has taken place, has boosted my confidence, increased my belief in my goals and visions.  

No longer do I hide from my mistakes and the trauma that occured in my past, but I now use it, to shift me forward, in achieving my wildest dreams.

 🦋A Royal Impact For The Nations

In 2018, I received a revelation that showed me I would become a "Royal Impact to the Nations". I wasn't really sure as to how that would come, but I trusted God. I had enough faith to know, if God stated, I can believe in it. 

It was in this same year that I discovered my love for art again. I started painting every vision that came to mind. I eventually launched my business, The Royal Pallet; which is a mobile paint business, that brings the paint party to you. 

But was this it???

I still felt like it was more that God wanted me to do in this new identity of self. Because of my background in mental health/behavioral health, I knew I wanted to help those around me. So I decided to launch out into the deep, totally walking out on faith. I made the investment and enrolled into a life coaching program, that changed my life forever.

🦋The Birth of RICH,LLC

Upon completing my certification program, I was able to give birth to my vision of Royally Impacting Clients Holistically Coaching & Consulting Services, LLC. It is through this vision that I would be able to reach the masses, bringing transformation to those around the world! 

Through my coaching business, I have been able to reach those I would not have had every day access too. From speaking on panels, facilitating workshops, masterclasses and webinars, gives me a position of influence. It gave me a voice of encouragement that shift hearts and minds to pursue dreams and goals. My vision and desire for RICH,LLC is to impact the WHOLE life of each and every client that made the determination I am the coach for their journey.

🦋The Butterfly Experience

Year 2021 has been one of true transformation. I was able to really break out of my cacoon and explore new heights in areas of my life, like never before. One being securing the crown for Miss South Carolina Plus World.

But it was more than a crown! Being able to compete in this pageant has elevated my confidence. As well as, assisted in expanding my territory in being able to reach other women, like myself. It has allowed me to share my story of becoming an overcomer, positioning myself for destiny, and achieving my long term/short term goals.

🦋The Journey Begins...

Life is a journey worth discovering, with the right guidance and leadership. I believe in my expert ability to assist in your process of transforming your life towards one that you desire.

If you are ready to take the next steps, schedule your discovery call so that we can begin your process towards living a RICHer Life towards your Transformation Journey!

I'm not just your coach, but your partner. I'm here to walk beside you in your process of transforming into your greater self!

🦋Coach Courtney J.

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