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The Working Mom's Inner Battle

Every morning begins with a whirlwind of activity. As a single mom and the owner of a fairly new small business, my days are packed from dawn till dusk. From rushing to get the kids ready for school to managing the ins and outs of my business, there's rarely a moment to catch my breath.

But amidst the chaos of my daily routine, there's a constant nagging feeling that something is missing – that I'm missing. While I pour all my energy into caring for my children and nurturing my business and those around me, I can't shake the sense of longing for something more, something just for me.

The idea of dating again feels like a distant dream, buried beneath the never-ending to-do list that consumes my every waking moment. How can I possibly make time for romance when I can barely find time to eat or sleep?

Yet, despite my reservations, I can't ignore the ache in my heart, the longing for companionship and connection. It's a delicate dance between wanting to open myself up to love and fearing the inevitable chaos it might bring into my already carefully curated life.

But the real struggle lies not in finding love, but in allowing myself to fully embrace it. Even when I manage to carve out time to steal a few moments of intimacy with a potential partner, I can't shake the guilt that gnaws at me from within.

I'm constantly torn between the needs of my children, the on-going demands of my business, and the desire to show up for myself – to prioritize my own happiness and well-being for once. It's a battle that plays out silently behind the scenes, hidden beneath the facade of strength and resilience that I wear like armor.

And so, as I navigate the delicate balance between motherhood, entrepreneurship, and possibly the search for love, I find myself grappling with the hardest truth of all – that sometimes, the biggest obstacle standing in the way of my happiness is me. But with each new day comes a renewed sense of determination to break free from the chains of self-doubt and self-sacrifice, and to finally allow myself the chance to fully show up for myself, not just as a mom or a business owner, but as a woman deserving of love and fulfillment.

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