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Blind Spots: Ignoring the Signs for Change

Deciding to ignore the signs that changes need to take place will not make your life any better than before. Life has a way of showing you that things aren’t what they seem. Oftentimes we make the choice to avoid those things, by saying it’s a distraction. Not all distractions are meant to disrupt your life, but to get your attention in a place that would change your outcome. You cannot go through life believing that you did not play a role in your circumstances. At some point you have to realize that every problem has solutions if you want to resolve your issues.

Maybe your childhood wasn’t the best. You were exposed or influenced by circumstances that now play a role into how you think, act and respond. Sometimes your very response to a thing can shift the outcome on how it impacts your life. As children we were not always responsible for how things turned out. But as adults, we have the choice to decide how we think, act and respond to the choices we have to make. Having a mindset that chooses to ignore what is taking place around you, will keep you stuck and unable to achieve positive outcomes. You will then create a false perspective that everything is okay, when in actuality you made the choice to settle.

Maybe you're choosing to ignore the fact that every time things do not go the way that you intended for them, that you determine that it was at the hands of someone else. You have grown accustomed to placing the blame or fault on others, that you believe it wasn’t your doing. Not acknowledging your part in the roles you play will keep you again from making or achieving progress. Nothing happens in your life without your awareness. The best thing you can do is acknowledge that and move forward.

In order to achieve your goals and live the life that you truly desire, you must gain a focus that would put the outcome you would like to achieve at the forefront. You must begin to see the solution more than you see the problems. You must decide that you will no longer ignore the things that are taking place, but acknowledge them. Making the choice to become active in your process will bring change faster. What you focus on the most will grow, so if your outcome is to live stress free, you will focus on living stress free, and not on what causes you stress. Understand your problems have solutions if you truly want to see them resolved.

So have you been ignoring the signs that things need to change and you just have decided to settle for what it is? Can you openly and honestly admit that you have not been acknowledging your role in your circumstances? Are you realizing now that you need help on how to move beyond this place? 

RICH, LLC offers you tips, tools and resources on how to move beyond your current place. Now is the time to focus and decide to make the necessary changes so that you can have and enjoy the life you desire.

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