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Mindset Rehab: Breaking Free to Go Beyond

This course is designed to:

break old mindsets    break old ways of coping and dealing with hurt

push you towards establishing positive habits/routines  &  right into positioning you to have more

Let's get beyond where we are together!

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6 Week Course Outline

Lesson 1: 

Building The Foundation For A Journey Towards Transformation

Lesson 2: 

Healing From Your Past Is A Requirement

Lesson 3: 

Identifying The New You-Learn/Relearn Positive Habits

Lesson 4: 

How Are You Operating: Proactive  vs. Reactive Behaviors

Lesson 5: 

Planning, Preparing and Positioing Yourself For More

Lesson 6: 

Don't Wait For Perfect: Start Where You Are

*** A Workbook will be provided for this coaching program!

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